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The Benefits of Better Telephones

I have never been that into replacing things that don't need to be replaced, but a few months ago I discovered something amazing. A friend of mine who also runs a business had just replaced their telephone system, and their new phones could do neat things like transcribe voicemails and make it easier to transfer calls. I decided that even though our current phone system was working, a new system could add value to our operation. This blog is all about the benefits of upgrading your telephone system, so that you can enjoy an incredibly functional business in no time.

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Tips For Getting The Most From Your Small Business VOIP System

Implementing the right business phone system is a must, especially in a small business where a fully staffed office isn't always possible. VOIP (voice over internet protocol) systems can offer one of the best values and most functionality for the cost, making them an excellent option for the small business owner. The following tips can help you get the most out of your hosted business VOIP system.

Tip #1: Take it with you

There's no need to be tied to the office all day fielding phone calls. Make sure your provider offers IP phones that can be supported over any ethernet phone jack. This way you can take the phone with you and use it at home or from a hotel room on the road. Your clients never even need to know that you aren't operating out of the office, which can make your operation seem more professional in their eyes.

Tip #2: Get mobile functionality

The best providers should offer a mobile app that you can place on your smartphone so that it can also receive your VOIP calls when you are traveling or out of the office. This can be especially helpful if you are a small operation with employees usually on the road or at client locations. Some VOIP providers may even offer communication package deals, which will allow you to combine your business VOIP and mobile services into a single plan.

Tip #3: Take advantage of reporting features

Many VOIP services now offer reporting on your business communication usage, which can save a small business owner the expense of tracking calls or using an outside tracking company. These reports show average talk times, amount of incoming and outgoing calls, and even mapping of where the bulk of calls are coming from. You can use these reports to track everything from amount of time spent on customer services concerns to where the majority of your customer base is located.

Tip #4: Ask about desktop integration

Find out if your VOIP provider offers desktop or workstation integration software to go with their phone service. These programs will display a specific work desk on the linked computer each time the phone rings. You customize the work desk, so it may include scheduling information, a phone script, a notepad, or any other information your employees need to know or use each time they answer the phone. The system will auto-populate with information received over the VOIP line when the phone is answered, such as the phone number or customer account history.

Talk to a VOIP provider, such as Callifi, to find the phone solution that will work best for you.