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The Benefits of Better Telephones

I have never been that into replacing things that don't need to be replaced, but a few months ago I discovered something amazing. A friend of mine who also runs a business had just replaced their telephone system, and their new phones could do neat things like transcribe voicemails and make it easier to transfer calls. I decided that even though our current phone system was working, a new system could add value to our operation. This blog is all about the benefits of upgrading your telephone system, so that you can enjoy an incredibly functional business in no time.

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Are Cell Phones Superior To Traditional Business Phones?

If you are a business owner attempting to determine the type of phone system that would be best for your company, you may be considering using cell phones exclusively. More and more businesses are opting for cell phones as their only source of phone communication for a number of reasons. Despite their convenience, you might be wondering if cell phones are superior to traditional business phones. Here are some pros and cons to help you make your final determination:

Pros of cellular phones

There are many pros to using cellular phones for business purposes, and they include:

  • Increased mobility - With cellular phones, you never have to miss a call, and you can communicate with customers, employees, vendors or whomever else you need to whether you're at the office or across town running errands.
  • Helpful apps - If you opt for a smartphone or an iPhone, then you will have access to thousands of apps that can make conducting business easier.
  • Internet access - Even in places where your laptop is unable to connect to the internet, most cellular devices have the ability to connect. This can be very useful when conducting business while you're out of the office.

Cons of cellular phones in business

Exclusive cell phone use for businesses also have a number or cons, which include:

  • Quality of service - Cellular phones aren't always known for consistently high quality service. Service can be poor or even non-existent in certain areas. Some of these areas include inside certain offices and businesses, depending on the service as well as the mobile device itself. This can certainly have a negative impact on business, because communicating with customers and prospective customers must always be top priority if you expect to keep your business thriving.
  • Battery charging - Most conventional business phones don't require charging, as they are constantly plugged in. However, cellular phones require charging regularly, some more often than others. This could pose a problem if you're conducting business remotely and don't have access to a power supply.
  • Device issues - Even the most expensive smartphones often experience technical difficulties with the device itself. Screens that freeze or move slower than normal, syncing issues, or even the temporary inability to charge the battery are some common problems that you might experience. 

Cell phones are definitely handy and can make doing business on-the-go easy and convenient. However, to answer the question of whether they are superior to traditional business phones or not, they probably aren't. Mobile phones can make a great addition to a traditional business telephone system, but if you expect to have dependable and fully functioning telephone service at all times, then you might want to stick with a conventional system, such as from Tele-Plus.